Muse Arts Evening of the Arts 2017

Photos from the 2017 Evening of the Arts at Muse Arts in Ft Lauderdale Florida.

House of Drums 4 Years Deep

Last Tuesday, March 8th, There was a celebration of Life and Dance at Muse Arts, It was the fourth year anniversary of Oceans Deep SFL. Hosted by Brendan Eldom of HOUSE of DRUMS .
Here's what I saw.

Glam Doll Strut with Glam-A-THON™

Just another beautiful day in South Florida! Made even more beautiful by all of the beautiful Divas and Dudes that came out for the Glam Doll Strut! An event hosted by Glam-A-THON™, A Charity Organization that helps  local South Florida women affected by breast cancer.

I got lots and lots of great shots of all the lovely humans and even a few doggies too. I am currently going thru them and will have them posted very soon. They'll be posted at the Humans Of Fort Lauderdale Facebook page and linked to the Glam-A-THON™ facebook page as soon as they are posted!! Go and Like the HoFtL Page to be the first to know about it!

Blood Moon

April 16 2014 3:09 am.
Shot outside my back door with my Canon 60D camera and a Mamiya 210mm lens with an adapter. I also used a 2x tele-converter, which doubles the focal length (and steals 2 stops of light). Since the 60D is a cropped sensor camera I would multiply the focal length by 1.6, which makes it 673mm. I'm not sure how much the Canon/Mamiya adapter adds.
Of course I used a tripod and remote trigger. It was actually very tough to get the proper exposure. When shooting a full moon, you treat it as a daylight lit object. (which it is) But this was a lot darker than usual so getting the exposure just right was pretty tough. I am glad for Live View! The camera didn't record the F stop because the old lens doesn't talk to the new camera, (no auto focus either) But the Shutter speed was 2secs and the ISO was 200. I think the F stop was 8 or 11.