Blood Moon

April 16 2014 3:09 am.
Shot outside my back door with my Canon 60D camera and a Mamiya 210mm lens with an adapter. I also used a 2x tele-converter, which doubles the focal length (and steals 2 stops of light). Since the 60D is a cropped sensor camera I would multiply the focal length by 1.6, which makes it 673mm. I'm not sure how much the Canon/Mamiya adapter adds.
Of course I used a tripod and remote trigger. It was actually very tough to get the proper exposure. When shooting a full moon, you treat it as a daylight lit object. (which it is) But this was a lot darker than usual so getting the exposure just right was pretty tough. I am glad for Live View! The camera didn't record the F stop because the old lens doesn't talk to the new camera, (no auto focus either) But the Shutter speed was 2secs and the ISO was 200. I think the F stop was 8 or 11.